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ISBN 978-1-78280-577-9

The Book : PANDEMONIUM – Door of No Return.

In the mid 17,00s, the Transatlantic slave trade was at its highest peak with the level of slaves export growing from 36,000 a year during the early 18th century to almost 80,000 a year during the 1780s.

Elmina, a town situated on the coastal shores of Ghana was one of the exploited places during this period.

Approximately 11,863,000 Africans were shipped across the Atlantic, with a death rate during this middle passage reducing this number by 10-20 percent.

Well over 90 percent of African slaves were inported into the caribbean and South America. About 500,000 Africans were forcibly imported into what is now the U.S between 1619 and 1807. About 70 percent arrived directly from Africa.

In this book tells the story of the slave trade among the indegineous people of Ghana and Africa, with a remarkable story of a fearsome character -(Osei) whose brother -(kwabena) and

childhood love -(Yaa Asantewaa) were among the captives onboard of a ship ready for export

to the new world.

Buckle up as this book takes you on a roller coaster ride about the fear, courage, Love, hunger,

Pain endured by these slaves and one man’s quest for freedom for himself, family and for his people at any cost.